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Reconnect with your

feminine power


Welcome to your rebirth. Within the work of Restoring the Feminine, you're taken on the inner journey of reconnecting with your Inner Goddess, re-learning your natural rhythms, alchemizing your inner wounds and reclaiming your feminine power.

The world needs you in your feminine power.

Reclaim your inner feminine.

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Courses & Programs


Nurture your Inner Feminine

This is a fully personalized journey of discovering and healing your inner feminine.


Each week we will explore a new aspect of the feminine while uncovering your own relationship with her within yourself.

Learn new tools and practices to integrate the feminine into your everyday life and experiences.

1-on-1 Coaching Program

The Inner Goddess Membership

Reconnect with your Inner Goddess.


Experience the wisdom and activations that the Goddesses have to offer your inner feminine.


In the Inner Goddess Membership, we will connect with unique Goddess energies each month to activate and integrate that energy within you. 

Learn the tools, practices and wisdom to LIVE and experience life as a Goddess.


Monthly Healing & Guidance

Meet your Inner Goddess

Immerse yourself in the healing powers of the Goddesses with my 9-week Activation program.

Each week we will heal, align and connect with a new Goddess energy to integrate and activate her power within you.

Heal. Connect. Align.

Live Calls: March 10th- May 5th

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Online Meditation Series

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Creator of Restoring the Feminine

With a passion for empowering women and a deep understanding of the transformative potential within all of us, Matayla is your dedicated guide on this mystical journey.


Her experience in coaching blends seamlessly with her knowledge of goddess archetypes and her personal inner journey of healing and empowerment, providing you with a unique and enriching coaching experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

As a healer, intuitive and empath herself, Matayla carries a deep understanding of the difficulties one can face as a sensitive being on this planet. Her programs are designed specifically for women on the healing journey.


Inner Goddess



Develop your Intuition


Work with the Goddesses

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Experience Deep Transfomation


Learn Energy Healing


Connect with Community


Monthly Oracle Guidance


Discover your Inner Goddess with weekly calls & classes


Join a community of empowered feminine women on the journey of healing and self-discovery

And so much more!

Explore your Inner Feminine

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Starting March 10th!

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