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Introducing: Meet your Inner Goddess—an online meditation series designed for women seeking to activate all facets of their feminine power. Through the exploration of the chakras and the invocation of goddess energy, you will connect with the depths of your being and activate the radiant essence of your inner feminine.

We start March 10th!

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Awaken your Feminine Power.

In this powerful online meditation program, you will:


Journey through the Chakras

Explore and activate the energy centers of your body, aligning with the wisdom and power of each chakra to create balance and harmony within.


Awaken Goddess Energy:

Connect with the divine feminine energy within you, embodying the qualities and attributes of different goddess archetypes to unleash your full potential.


Harness Your Feminine Power:

Learn powerful meditation techniques and practices to cultivate and harness the innate power of your feminine essence, empowering you to create the life you desire.

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Transform Your Life:

Experience profound shifts in every area of your life as you tap into the limitless potential of your feminine energy, unlocking creativity, intuition, and abundance.

Meet your Teacher

With a passion for empowering women and a deep understanding of the transformative potential within all of us, Matayla is your dedicated guide on this mystical journey.


Her experience in coaching blends seamlessly with her knowledge of goddess archetypes and her personal inner journey of healing and empowerment, providing you with a unique and enriching experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Meet your Inner Goddess is a unique blend of working with Goddess archetypes, the chakras and meditative tools.

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Are you ready to activate your feminine power, unleash your inner goddess, and transform your life from the inside out? Enroll in Meet your Inner Goddess: Online Meditation Program today and take the first step on your journey to empowerment and self-discovery.

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A Sneak Peak on the Goddess Energies we will be working with:


Goddess Freya





Goddess Isis

Inner Harmony




Goddess Nephthys

The Void


Inner Creation


Goddess Gaia

Self Love



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If you...

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  • Feel disconnected from your feminine essence and inner power...

  • Experience blocks in your creativity and intuition...

  • Feel overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, or emotional challenges...

  • Long to feel more aligned with your purpose and passion...

  • Desire deeper connections in your relationships...

  • Seek spiritual growth and inner transformation...

  • Feel called to step into your power and live your most authentic life...

This program will guide you through the activation of goddess energy and chakra alignment to reconnect you with your innate feminine wisdom and strength.

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One time Payment

$ 129 CAD
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Enroll Here

After your form is submitted, you will be redirected to the payment page.

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